Putting Together Your Evidence Binder

27 April 2014
 Are you required to provide an evidence binder as part of your teacher evaluation system?  I have to provide one based on the Danielson Framework.  I created this post to help those of you creating evidence binders.  I also have created three versions of an Evidence Binder Packet for TpT. Click the images below to check them out.   Read on for tips on compiling your evidence binder.  I have included dividers for OTES also.  These are for my teacher friends in Ohio. 

 I ordered mine on Amazon.com.  Click here to check out the dividers.

I hope this post helped you!  Good luck with your own Evidence Binder!

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  1. Nice! Thanks for tips on how to use Power Point to create the pages. I don't know too much about how to use it and I got some ideas on how to get started. Here in Ohio, we now have the new teacher evaluation system where we need to provide evidence. I needed to have tabs in my binder based on the evaluation sections. I have always taken pictures throughout the school year, but this year, I have so many pictures since I need to include everything!


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