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06 April 2014
It finally is starting to look like SPRING around here.  Can you believe it snowed last Monday?  We have a week of school and then one day, Monday, and then it is Spring Break.  Yay! Our break was cut short two days because of all our snow days.   I am not sure how many students will be in school for that lone Monday, but I plan on focusing on Spring themed projects.   Here are a few of the projects I have done over the years and the links to the TpT products where you can find them.  Just click the photos to hop over to TpT.  As always, feel free to pin!


I like to do the groundhog and squirrel craft after reading How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry.

The above activity is made from scrapbook paper punches, green scrap paper, and large 11 x 16 construction paper.  I let the students free make the stems and leaves.  Then they create a pattern with the scrapbook paper and put the flowers together.  Finally, they measure their flowers. 

 Jelly Beans

Spring Senses

Ants and Insects

Just for Fun

Here are some of the idioms from a few years back!  So funny.

I hope you have a Happy Spring!!


  1. I'd rather go back on the first Monday of the break. We have to go back on June 30th to make up a day. Yuck...

  2. I love all of these great ideas and I especially love doing the scrapbook paper punch for the flowers. I have seen the newspaper pots but I can't remember where I have seen them made. Enjoyed your post!

  3. "There are none so blind as my uncle's dog." HILARIOUS!!
    "Two's company, three's the number that comes after it." PRECIOUS!!
    That's a really, really cute assignment, Erica. That's one of those things you send in to The Tonight Show or something like that. Very cute....

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  4. Love all the science stuff! I am going to try to incorporate more science into my curriculum next year! You have some fun and great ideas here!

    Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

    Mrs. Wheeler's TPT


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