End of the Year Memory Book

13 May 2014
I have 32 days left of school, but who's counting?   I know many of you end a lot sooner, so I thought I would post about my End of the Year Memory Book.  To give you a better idea of what is included in the $5 packet and what is "editable," I have taken screen shots of the pages and displayed them below. Just click any of the images to check out the packet on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

I hope you check out this packet on TpT.  If you are going to share with your grade, remember to purchase multiple licenses.   As always, feel free to pin the images!

For those of you who loop with your class, I have another version of an End of the Year Memory book.  This one has quotes on the pages.

Happy End of the Year!!!  Almost there!!!


  1. Erica.... This is ABSOLUTELY Adorable! I used to do one similar this but your resource is waaaaaayyyyy cuter! I just adore your ideas!!!!!


  2. Erica, this is really nice. Can you tell me how long it takes for each child to complete?


    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

    1. It depends on how many pages you put in and how your kids work. Last year I remember wishing they would add more details to their drawing so it would take longer! They could probably finish it in two mornings.

  3. Bought this pack and put them together today in preparation for our last week of school! Exactly what I was looking for in an end of year activity! It turned out so perfect--can't wait for my kiddos to get started tomorrow!

  4. This looks like so much fun! I still have my memory book that I made in elementary school. So funny to look at now!

    Teaching Momster


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