End of the Year Teacher Gifts

09 June 2014

Are you stumped as to what to get your child's teacher?   We have all seen this pin:

To help you out and of course as a public service to teachers everywhere, I asked my 10,000 plus Facebook teacher fans to share with me their favorite end of the year teacher gifts!  

The consensus...It does not have to be some sort of Pinterest inspired crafty master piece.  The most coveted gift: a letter of thanks from the heart!  If you are so inclined to write a letter of thanks, it would be wonderful if you could send a copy to the building principal and/or the school superintendent.   Teachers are modest people and would not share the letter on their own.    I have made these letter templates for you to download for FREE, just click the image below!

The second most favored gift: gift cards!

Last year, I had a reading teacher's daughter in my class.  She made me this fabulous end of the year gift card book.  

I asked her mom if I could make a version to share on my blog and she said yes!  Click the image to download and create your own gift card book.  I have included a black line version and color.

Another clever way to display gift cards is in bouquet form:
This idea was shared by a lovely fb fan!

It's no secret that Teachers Pay Teachers is THE favorite site of teachers everywhere.  So, why not give the teacher in your life a gift certificate to TpT?
Thanks to the lovely Kim Adsit for posing for this picture.

Teachers love Amazon.com!  I use my Amazon Prime for everything!  I made this little gift card holder.  Click to download.

Themed baskets are also great and visually appealing.  Here is another shared by a fb fan:
You can grab the gift tag here.

My friend Denise at Sunny in Second Grade created these adorable orange themed gift tags and mason jars.

My sweet friend Sarah Cooley made this bucket for her daughter's teacher:

This one is a gift idea from my own personal experience.  I LOVE this sharpener:

I hope these gift ideas help you!  Check out below for more gift ideas.

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  1. Erica, I love that picture of Kim. Great ideas, The letters form the parents and kids are the best gifts.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  2. I love these ideas! One of the best end of year gifts I've ever received was a "back to school" basket filled with goodies and supplies for the year to come. The mom that gave it to me was so creative and thoughtful--and knew that teachers purchase most of their own supplies.

  3. I completely agree. Letters from the heart are the BEST gift!!

    I always assumed people knew that teacher's spent their own money to buy supplies but it has been eye opening this year. I've had many cashiers ask for the "school card" when I tell them I'm buying supplies. When I tell them it's "my" own card they can't believe it. I was even asked how I survived on my income. Oh my!!

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I love the themed baskets.

    First Grade Lyons' Den

  4. My middle school aged kids often go the gift card route, and I have certainly received plenty. My purse looks like Mary Poppin's but the best gift card I can honestly say I received was one to Half Priced Books... the students listened to me say that I often put buying books of my own over buying ones for them and wrote in the card. SPEND THIS JUST ON YOU!

  5. What cute ideas ! I think that a hand written not from the child or parent would be a nice gift. Not saying that I would not accept a nice gift care bouquet! :) I think it is just nice that parents realize the time and effort that you put into making sure that their children are given a great education. Makes a rewarding job even more rewarding.

  6. I agree! The best gifts are letters. I especially love the letters from parents since they can better articulate the way their children feel about me.

    Second Grade Sweetie Pies

  7. Please share what you love so much about this pencil sharpener? Do you feel it is better than a quality electric sharpener?

    1. I wrote about it in this post: http://ericabohrer.blogspot.com/2014/03/problem-solved-and-visual-plans-for.html

    2. || Send Gifts to Philippines ||

      I love how you create all of these. It is really a perfect gift for any occasion.

  8. Those are some great gift ideas, Erica! I agree that the best gift you'll be able to give a teacher is always a heartfelt letter of thank you for a wonderful year filled with learning and understanding. Any teacher will surely be touched after reading a letter from their students. Of course, a little gift card or personalized gifts would also be great. :D
    Ron Austin @ Tipsy Totes


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