Crash Course: Life Lesson My Students Taught Me - a Book Review

14 July 2014

My awesome friend Hope King just so happens to work at THE Ron Clark Academy with her husband.   I was so excited when Hope told me that Kim Bearden was going to send me her book, Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me.   

This book is an inspiring easy read.   I love the "class notes" sections at the end of each chapter.  They are quick little recaps.   I love any book that reminds me to stay optimistic and be a better version of myself.   I am not perfect and I do need reminders.   I think every teacher should read this book.  After a tough year of APPR and a challenging class, it reminded me why I started teaching and that I DO love what I do.   So thank you, Kim!

I suggest you grab some tissues, and pick up your copy of the book right here! You will definitely not be disappointed! I am passing my copy on to my mother and then my friend, so you will need to grab your own.

Here is some more info:

Kim Bearden is the co-founder and executive director at the Ron Clark Academy. Most importantly, she is also the language arts teacher. 

Kim has received numerous awards for her creative, dynamic, and rigorous teaching styles. She was selected from over 70,000 nominations to be honored as the Disney American Teacher Awards Outstanding Middle School Humanities Teacher. Along with countless other awards, she was also chosen from among 7,000 teachers as Teacher of the Year in Cobb County Georgia. 

Over the past twenty-three years, she has been a teacher, instructional lead teacher, curriculum director, school board member, staff development trainer, and middle school principal. 

For someone that has accomplished so much during her career, Kim is by far one of the most humble and down to earth educators. Her life hasn't been perfect, and I love that she is so transparent in her book as she shares her experiences as an educator. 

Instead of telling you, I will just show you! Here is a little clip that shows who and what the Ron Clark Academy is all about! The best part? You can actually come spend a day…or two…at the school! Be sure and follow the Ron Clark Academy on Facebook {HERE} to receive special updates and events! 

If you would like to visit RCA and participate in the RCA Educator Training Experience, visit the website {HERE} to register! It is truly a training unlike anything you have ever experienced before. During this training, you will get to meet the students of RCA and observe Ron Clark and Kim Bearden's unparalleled instruction in their 5th grade classrooms. You will also spend the day in classroom observations and workshops that will enhance your instruction in any grade level. And of course, you will end the visitation becoming "slide certified." 

2014-2015 Training Dates:

I am so excited about teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers to share our review of Kim's book. Click on any of the links below to see what they think...

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