Sunday Smorgasbord - Vegas Here I Come

06 July 2014

I am linking up with my friend Michelle to give you a Sunday Smorgasboard post.  I am actually scrambling to get ready for Vegas.  I just finished up my presentations, I have to pack, get my nails done, go to the gym, and sort of clean my house (at least the main floor).

Here are some random things that have been going on with me:

School is out for summer!!!  School finally ended on Friday, June 27th!  It was a very long year.   After school got out, I went to Fire Island with my family and my dogs.  Fire Island is a barrier beach, there are many little towns and no cars.   I usually go to Ocean Beach, but this year, we stayed a block over in Corneille Estates. 
I have a ton more photos on Instagram: EricaBohrerTeaching

Speaking of Instagram, have you heard about the huge Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt?
I wish I could enter, but as an author for Blog Hoppin', I can't.  I would love for one of my readers to win!  I will be snapping along with you!
 If you haven't read all about the scavenger hunt, you must click HERE
You also have to go to Instagram  and check out the hashtag #bloghoppin2014.
Seriously, the pictures are cracking me up.  All the gals at Blog Hoppin' are having the best time looking at al the pictures.   There are some pretty amazing prizes if you win the hunt.  

I hope you had an enjoyable 4th of July!  I dread it every year!

My poor Sophie has a thundershirt on and needs to be drugged.  She is a mess!  Fireworks are illegal in NY, but that does not stop anyone.  I understand the one day, but seriously my neighbors break out the fireworks for every holiday!  They had them going off all day Saturday and all night.  I am so done. Sophie's stomach is a mess from the doggie valium. 

I leave for Vegas tomorrow!  I am so excited to meet everyone.  I am presenting all day Tuesday for SDE

I still have to change this slide cover to match the others. 

Then on Wednesday, we have a huge blogger meet up!  I cannot wait to share about that and about  all the awesome prizes.

That's all for now!   Enjoy your week.  Don't forget to hop over to Fabulous in First for more Smorgasbord posts. 


  1. My dog has been hiding under our bed all weekend too. Poor thing is scared to death of the fireworks. She is usually more like a guard dog so it has been so sad to see her so scared. :(
    I hope you have a great time in Vegas! Hoping to get there next year.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Poor puppy! We are lucky that our dogs aren't phased by fireworks because our neighbors had them going off for hours. Our dogs were actually outside with us watching the fireworks. It sounds like you will be very busy in Vegas. I wish I could make it because the topics sound right up my alley. Maybe next year. I am having a great time taking pictures for the Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt. (@TheTravelingTeacher)
    The Traveling Teacher

  3. Aww...your poor puppy! I agree that the fireworks get way out of hand. Good luck with your presentations! I wish I could be there. Maybe next year!

  4. I am coming to two of your presentations!! <3


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