Classroom Door Decor Ideas

13 August 2014

Your door is the first thing your students will see on the first day of school.  Make them feel welcome and help them find your room by placing their names on your door.   My students use the door decor to easily find our room.   It is very rare that a stray student wanders in. 

I love to keep my door decor simple.  I print, laminate, and hot glue the signs to the door.  The door decor can last me the whole year and is easy to peel of.   Here are a few more of my simple easy tips:

My decor comes from one of my 16 Door Decor packets on TpT.  They are all priced at $2.50 or less! Instant door decor!  Just click on the covers to check them out.

My Classroom Door Decor Packets on TpT:

This one is a free download:

Friends with awesome doors!
Source: Katie King - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Source: Cara Carroll - The First Grade Parade

I love what Rachelle did with her Silhouette Cameo above her door:
Source: Rachelle Smith - What the Teacher Wants

Source: Deanna Jump - Mrs. Jump's Class

Source: From the Pond - Frog Spot

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  1. thanks for the shoutout!.. And how in the world did I miss those cute Welcome letters from Mel!!! She is awesome :o)

  2. So cute! My door is usually the last thing I decorate and it's waiting. Thanks for providing a little inspiration!

  3. Your door looks great and I love the Door Decor Sets. I teach in a portable, so there's NO door decor. :-(
    Teaching with a Twist

  4. Love these! Can you really hot glue to the door without it leaving a mark when you remove everything at the end of the year?

  5. Thank you Erica! Your door looks amazing! :)

  6. I love the border around the window!! Thanks so much for these ideas! Linda G.


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