First Day of First Grade Student Gifts

28 August 2014

As I was setting up my classroom this week, I looked at the other done classrooms and noticed they had little bags on the students' desk for first day gifts.  Ahh, I totally forgot to get first day gifts.  Back when I started teaching, no one even thought of giving gifts.  Now, it seems to be the trend.  I figure giving the kiddos a gift might ease some of their first day anxiety and it is not going to be much effort on my part.  I ran to Target and Michaels and snagged these clearance items.  I am only going to give out the balls for my first day gift, but I thought I would give you some options.  I know that I cannot pass up a deal!  I will save the dog erasers for Valentine's Day or the prize box. 

Shopping List:
Michaels - Chevron Bags: clearance for  $0.39
Michaels - Buckets: clearance for $0.39
Target - Dog Erasers clearance 2 for $1
Target - Flashing Ball: clearance for $.70
Target - Clear Bags $2

Click to download the gift tags for free!

A colleague of mine needed the tags for 2nd & 3rd.  So I added these.  I will add more grades for the other tags next summer :)

I hope you can use these tags!  If you already had your first day of first grade, pin for next year.  Follow my Back to School Pinterest board here!


  1. Thanks for the tags!! I bought bouncy balls I was going to use for birthdays but now I will use for first day - just have to make a second grade tag for the 5 grade 2's I have!! Love all of these ideas - super cute!!

  2. That is super cute - what a way to start the year off right!

  3. Love the dog tag-- wish it said kinder =)


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