Student Scrapbooks and a HUGE BACK To School SALE

04 August 2014
As part of the Michaels #create2educate #sweepstakes, I decided to finally finish and post my Student Scrapbooks.   I make these every year with my students and both the parents  and the students love them! 

Supplies Needed from Michaels:
8.5 x 10 Colored Card-Stock Paper
8.5 x10 School-Themed Scrapbook Paper
Elmer's Craft Bond Glue Stick
4.5 x 6.5 Scrapbook Paper

Other Supplies Needed:
A Camera or Smart Phone to Take Photos
1/2 inch View Binders
Page Protectors

*I have included a parent donation letter in the packet to help with supplies and donations. 

I am not going to lie, these scrapbooks are not "print and go."  The last few years, I have had a wonderful classroom aide who was in charge of putting them together.  She was amazing at the handprints.  For my years without an aide, I had parent volunteers come in.  I  also had the students do more of the gluing.  Student gluing means that you have to let go of things being perfectly centered!  Oftentimes, I would have the students finish up coloring the scrapbook pages whenever they were done early with something.  I kept all their pages in files according to their number.   This made it easy for a student to grab his/her file and work on a page that was not finish.  Ideally, you want to load the pages into the packet monthly, so that at the end of the year you are not overwhelmed. 
 For each month, I have included variations of the printable pages. There are holiday and non holiday themed pages.   I have also added a page for the students to write their names and draw themselves at the beginning and end of the year.  This is a great way to show growth.

Thanks for stopping by!   I hop you check out my store.  Everything is on sale. 


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