Teacher Week: When & What (Free Phonics Scope & Sequence)

21 August 2014

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for "When" of teacher week. 

Here is my plan book. I am still working figuring out what my schedule will be for next school year.  We have a changed lunch and prep.  I will still be teaching the same things, I just need to work out the timing. 

My plan book

Here are some units I use throughout the year. 
You can click on the slides to check out the products in my store and my fellow TpT sellers:

 I don't have this file to share.  A colleague created it for the Smartboard and then I made the students' names out of "alphabets" from Lettering Delights.

Everyday we do literacy centers and the students love them!

To supplement Social Studies, I will be using these weekly packets.  

Here are some of the "What" that I use during the year.

Units I use throughout the year:









Here is the phonics scope and sequence and activities my team will be using this year. 

It is a huge, comprehensive packet.

After years of an outdated phonics scope and sequence, my colleague, Janine, and I decided to create a new scope and sequence.  Our old one was based on an outdated Harcourt series we no longer used.  We came up with this first grade phonics scope and sequence.  You can download the scope and sequence here for free!  You can read on to see what is included in the packet and hopefully purchase it.  I am telling you, this packet is easy to implement and will save you tons of time.

 You can click any of the images to download our preview file.

We have included activities to go with the words for each week.  The activities can be used for morning job, homework, centers, or seat work. 

What we do for fun:

To check out my weekly plans, click here!


  1. Erica,

    I also teach in New York (Orange County) and I notice on your plans that you use www.engageny.org for your math plans, but not literacy. I was wondering if you are required by your district to use the Core Knowledge literacy lessons from Engage NY or does your district use another curriculum.


    1. The lower grades don't have to use the Engage NY literacy. We use our own stuff and do balanced literacy.

    2. Thank you. I wish we could do our own stuff. The lessons are hard to get through. Have a great year.

  2. Thank you so much for the phonics scope & sequence - I am new to Grade 1 this year and this is a HUGE help!! Off to check out more of the resources you just blogged about - thanks!!


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