12 September 2014
This week my first graders and I immersed ourselves in everything apple.  We used units by my fabulous friends and a new "graphtivity" by me.  The kids had a blast!   Scroll through this whole post for fabulous ideas and links, at the end is a linky for more themed products and posts. 
We read many apple themed books.

We labeled the parts of an apple. 
As a class, we labeled the parts of an apple on chart paper.  The cards are from Rachelle of What the Teacher Wants.  Then we illustrated our own apple diagrams in our science journal.  This is my first year using a science journal.  In the past, I used science folders but they were always losing the pages.  I will keep you posted on our progress with science journals. 

On, Wednesday we had an apple taste test. 

Then we graphed our favorite apple types.

We created an apple themed graphtivity (graph plus craft plus activity).  

During art center, we made Cara Carroll's apple craft from her Apple Antics Packet.  I like to add directions on the pocket chart and have the students try to read and follow the directions. 

I combined my graphtivity and Cara's craft for my hallway display. 

We utilized many apple themed literacy and math centers this week. 
The scrambled sentence activity above is FREE and created by my first grade colleague, Janine Every.  

We also used her Tiny Word Search.  She is remaking this with commercial use clip art to put it up in her store.  Be sure to follow her store for updates, she just joined TpT this week!
During math centers we utilized Janine's Apple Fun with Number Bonds Activity.  

The following apple ten frame freebie is also by my friend, Cara.  You can find it here

This five frame freebie is by Abby Mullins. Click here to download it from TpT. 

Today we finished up apple week with Cara Carroll's The Great Apple Investigation
The students loved every minute of it!
My students were so excited to see if their apples would float or sink.

If you want to win my graphtivity and my friend Alisha's A Little Unit on Johnny Appleseed, click the image below.

If you are looking for more first grade appropriate, apple resources, check these out: 

If you have a first grade appropriate apple themed activity, add your link below.  Please, add a link to a direct apple themed product on TpT or a direct link to your apple themed blog post.  If you leave a link to a post, please link back to this post somehow.    As always, feel free to pin.

Next, year I hope to make apple sauce with my students.


  1. I love all of your apple activities!! So cute!! The scrambled sentences is a great idea! I added my link for an apples pack I created. Thanks so much for posting all of this!!


  2. I love your apple activities! How do you fit it all in? I know you're using the NY common core modules for math but are you also using them for ELA?

  3. SO many fun apple activities! Thanks so much for a fun post, great ideas, and for the link up. Kinda makes me want to teach a whole month of apples :)

    First Grade Smiles


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