Visual Plans for the First Full Week of School - With Links to Lots of Freebies

08 September 2014
This is my first full week of first grade this year!  Our theme is apples and we are diving right into centers and writing!  Click the images to download my plans or the covers to check out the products I use this week. 

If you like my plan book style, check out my plan book packet here:

Apple units, resources, and books:

Units by Mel of From the Pond, Sara PaulThe Bubbly Blonde, and Cara Carroll

I am so excited, my coworker, Janine just opened up her TpT shop last night!!!  She and I wrote the Words of the Week packets, together.  I hope you follow her store

Here is an apple freebie from Janine's store.  I am using it this week for literacy centers.

Check out more cute and educational freebies! 
by the adorable Abby Mullins

an adorable freebie by my pal Cara!!

I plan on posting an apple graphtivity (craft plus graph plus activity), I just don't have it ready yet.  Follow my TpT store for updates. 

I tested out my Words of the Week packet! So far the kiddos love it!

I will be adding these to the Words of the Week packet at soon as I can!  For now, grab this free sample by clicking below.

I decided I needed more consistency in my Writer's Workshop program.  So this year, I am utilizing Deanna Jump and Deedee Will's Writing Through the Year.  I have all eight units and I am starting with unit one. 

Other resources used this week:

The sand center above is free on my blog, just click the image above.

I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of school!   I am linking up these plans with my pal Deedee.  


  1. I see you use Eureka. I'll be following your blog closely to see how you fit in all the components.

  2. Thanks for all the awesome freebies, I appreciate it!
    We use Engage/Eureka, too for our on-grade-level lessons and then I pull extra supports for math intervention. These freebies will help my students so much! Thank you again :)

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  4. The writing units looks very interesting. How are you using them in your classroom if they are covering the K CC standards?

    1. I use them this week, too. I just up the activities a bit. The kindergarten and first grade standards are similar and if you look their future units cover them.


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