Visual Plans for September 22nd: Farm Theme

21 September 2014
This week is a short one for us.  We have off for the Jewish holidays on Thursday and Friday.  Instead of doing our normal routine, I decided to double up on centers for the day and use my Farm unit.  We are also going to visit a real farm on Tuesday! 

Here are my plans for the week! Just click on any image to download. 

For my plan book and classroom news format. Click {here}.

I am linking up with my pal, Deedee again.  Click here link to check out more blogger's posts.

Here are some photos of the centers from my Down on the Farm packet.  Click {here} to check the packet out on TpT.  I am marking the 143 page packet down to $4 for today only! 

To make lima bean counters.  First spray paint both sides of lima beans. 

Then use permanent marker to draw spots or faces! 

Here is a farm themed freebie I posted last year.  You can snag it for free by clicking the images below!

I use these Kiddo Cubes for the center.  I feel they hold up better than making the dice out of paper and are just easy to use. 

Great farm themed read alouds:

Enjoy your week!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEE the math manipulatives are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Teacher to the Core

  2. I've got a bag of beans in the pantry so now I know I can turn them into cows & pigs for my farm unit in a few weeks! Thanks for the great ideas!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  3. How fun! Love the little manipulatives!

  4. Those lima beans are the cutest things I have ever seen!!!!! I love all of the creative things you do with your students :) :)

  5. Those cow & pig lima beans crack me up!!! :) Great farm ideas. We're heading that way after doing apples this week. Thanks for the freebies!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  6. I wish I was teaching farm this week! These plans look so good! :) It's a sports week for me...*sigh*. I will definitely revisit this post when it's time for farm! :) Great ideas on here girlfriend! Simply. brilliant! ;) XOXO


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