Visual Plans for the Week of 9/15 with a Focus on Short a

14 September 2014
We are going into our second full week of school.  Here are my plans for this week.  Just click the images to download.

If you are interested in my plan book and classroom news format, I sell them here in this packet:

I am linking up with Deedee's Peek at My Week:

Picture books utilized this week:

Packets utilized this week from my store:

The art center above is from my The Cat's Pajamas packet. 

Packets utilized this week from my friends' stores:


I hope to be back later this week with my classroom photos.  I never did a classroom reveal blog post!  Happy teaching!


  1. Looks like a fun week <3 I LOVE Mo Willems...we are going to see the Elephant and Piggy play this winter.

    1. Oh, I am jealous. I love Mo and especially Elephant and Piggie!

  2. Loving your visual plans this week, Erica! :) I am working on mine now! ;) That late lunch of yours always kills me! :( Ugh! :( I would need first lunch...and then SECOND lunch! LOL! My kids can't get enough of Mo! :) I'm also going to take a peek at your short vowel stations. We are using Wonders and the progression is SO FAST! :( I need to continue to work on foundations even in spite of the, those short vowel centers may be just the ticket! :) Thanks for always inspiring! ;)
    I'm off to finish my visual plans! LOL...fingers crossed I'm done by midnight! I'm also working on a new pack! *sigh*


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