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02 October 2014

It's October already!  I cannot believe I have been in school over a month.  I am still struggling with getting everything in order.  I just never seem to clear off my "to do list."

I am "currently" listening to Reign and watching with one eye as I type this post.  I did a report on Mary Queen of Scotts in high school and I just found her fascinating.  This show is fictionalized but has many characters who existed in history.  After I watch an episode, I always end up "googling" something.  

There are not many organic grocery stores nearby, especially not ones that have prepared food.  Then Wild by Nature opened two towns over!  It has organic food and I can buy already cooked organic free range chicken, turkey meatballs, quinoa stuffed peppers, and more.   I hate touching raw meat and don't really have time to cook, so this is perfect for me.  

My Niles is going to be 15 in November.  He had a check up at the vet and needs a sonogram of his heart tomorrow.   I feel blessed that I have had a dog grow into old age.  My first dog died at six of cancer.   I just hope Niles continues to age gracefully.  He is my loyal and sweet little man. 

I would love for my Donors Choose Project to get funded!  If you want to donate, you can use coupon code: SPARK.  If you donate I will send you something from my TpT store worth double the amount you donated (pre-coupon code).  So you essentially get something from me half-off!  Just leave a comment on this post with your email, what you would like from my store, and your Donors Choose id.

I am also looking into apps for the iPads.  I would love to hear your suggestions. 

Up to needing!   I am struggling with maintaining my house, my job as a teacher, and blogging/TpT.   My house is literally falling apart.  I have a gutter that needs to be put back up, a leaking bathroom sink, a broken storm door, and a half-dead lawn.  I want to get all these things done but I don't know who to hire and don't have the time to call and get estimates.   I need to put blogging/TpT on hold for a weekend and get this stuff done!  It is stressing me out. 

On to your treats.  These are oldies but goodies!  Just click to download.

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  1. Aww, that sweet puppy just warms my heart!! Praying for a great check-up tomorrow! I also love your "to do" list is never-ending!! It just keeps getting longer and longer. Happy Fall, Erica & thanks so much for the freebies!! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Poor, sweet little Niles! I'll be thinking of him tomorrow. :)
    Thanks for the freebies and I LOVE that I was after you in the Currently line! You're one of my faves!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. I hope your pup has a good check up! I may have to check out "Reign". I love historical fiction, books and movies! I teach 5th grade but I think that Spelling City and Hooked on Phonics are great apps. Hooked on Phonics is kind of spend but you can add multiple kids on 1 iPad. Good luck!
    Simple Insights

  4. Awe, your pup is so sweet. Hope everything goes well with the vet! I'm working on a Donor's Choose project too, I love your idea for helping get it funded!

    Also...quick thank you for your technology post a while back to help with TPT downloads. You are the first seller I ever bought from and I'm embarrassed to say I sent you a message about downloading. I'm a seller now and get a ton of those questions each week. It's nice to send them to your blog with all your great help. Thanks for the resource!

  5. Hi Erica! Glad I'm not the only one who feels the same!! I would look into Educreations. You can make small short lessons that parents can access and the students can watch at home as well. We also use it in class and they work with a partner to make their own lesson. They can even make a lesson at home and send it to you. It's great! I should be blogging about it soon.

    Hope all goes well for Niles!

  6. That picture of Niles is so sweet!
    Thank you for the freebies - we are reading about Bats next week!
    Good luck with Donor's Choose :)

  7. Your sweet Niles is precious! What breed is he? Thanks for the freebies.

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