A Week of Giving Thanks - H is for Help

25 November 2014

No, I don't mean "the help."  I actually don't even have a housekeeper.  To be honest, I cannot get my house clean enough to hire a housekeeper!

What I mean is help from family and friends.   I am a very independent person, but even I need help.  I am thankful for my parents who pick up my dogs when I have to work late.   I am thankful for my family for helping whenever I need it.  I have two brothers and two sister in laws.   My aunt and uncle live next door to my parents.  I am close with my cousins! I am lucky we all live within a few towns of each other.  We are even close with second cousins who live a bit further away.   Christmas Eve is a favorite tradition where we are all together at my parents' house.  I feel very lucky to have a supportive, kind, helpful, family.

I am thankful for the help I get from friends.  We all know friends are the family you choose.   I am thankful for my blog friends and our support circle.

I am thankful for the help I get at school.   We are all a team at school.  There are math specialists, reading teachers, O.T. teachers, P.T. teachers, speech teachers, psychologists, social workers, special teachers, resource teachers, ELL teachers, aides, office staff, and more.  All together we do everything in our skill sets to help the students.

I hope you check out the linky over at Blog Hoppin' and share what you are thankful for.


  1. I said help for H too! I don't know what I would do without my great team at work.


  2. I love how you said you can't get your house clean enough for a housekeeper. Ha!! I totally feel that way! I feel like it would be more work to have a housekeeper because I would always have to clean for them :)


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