Five for Friday 11/21/14

21 November 2014
Look what a parent made for me from my class!  Adorable, right? 
I thought I would include it in my Five For Friday Post!

My birthday is tomorrow and my class surprised me with the guinea pig cakes.  A mother of one of my students made it.  I was just floored!  I made everyone at school come look at it.  Check out how much it looks like our piggies, Chrysanthemum and Daisy. 

I made this quick Thanksgiving graphing craft for my first graders to make.  We graphed our favorite Thanksgiving food.   The students always love to see which one as they say "won."   I like to keep the craft simple with easy cutting lines.  You can snag this activity for $2 by clicking the image below.  

I am jealous of those of you that have off for Thanksgiving week.  We have a full day on Monday, with night parent-teacher conferences.   Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we have half days of school and conferences after that.  This is my first year with some ELL students and my conference RSVPs were not coming back.  Thankfully, I asked my blog buddies for help.  Rachel Lamb found me this English/Spanish form.  Now, let's just hope the parents don't come in thinking I speak Spanish. 

Truth: Tonight I watched Frozen for the first time.  I think I might have been the only one on Earth who had not seen it.   My colleague had to borrow it for me from her very concerned daughter.  Yes, Julianna I plan on returning it in perfect condition :)

It was a really cute movie.  I cannot believe how the animation styles have changed since, The Little Mermaid days.   But why do they all have alien sized eyes?

Check out this awesome Instagram Loop giveaway.  It ends tonight!

That's it until I post my plans on Sunday!


  1. OH my gosh, those cakes! How adorable!!!

  2. Those cakes are just fabulous! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

  3. Lol! I have still not watched Frozen! It is a miracle with all the kids talking about it constantly. The cakes are so clever, I'm thinking their names are from an awesome book! I love your thanksgiving graphs and art, I've done graphs but not the pilgrims, we might need to try that! Thank you, Paula

  4. Happy Birthday! I will be celebrating mine tomorrow!

  5. A Chrysanthemum and Daisy cake! I love it! What will they think of next. What an awesome birthday surprise! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  6. The guinea pig cakes are adorable! Too cute too eat! What a thoughtful classroom community you have! Happy belated birthday!

    Thanks for sharing the graphing activity! We are going to try it out on Tuesday!

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