Week of Giving Thanks: Letters N, K, & S

28 November 2014
I missed out on the N posting day, so I am combining the rest!   Here goes:
I am thankful for naps.  I am thankful that I can take naps in the luxury of my own home and in my own bed.  I feel like naps just make everything better.   Whenever I am not feeling well, my cure is a nap.  When I am sad, a nap.  I just feel like you wake up with a different outlook.  

Here are some of my favorite funny pins about napping.  Just click the images to find the source. 

Wouldn't the world be a better place if EVERYONE chose to be kind?  I am very thankful that there are kind people in this world.  Just the other day, my dog slipped out of her collar and was playing that oh so fun "you can't catch me game."  I was trying to grab her as she darted back and forth across the street.  A car started coming down the street and my mind went to the worst case scenario.  I stood square in the middle of the street so the car would at least see me.   The woman driving down the street slowed her car down, then stopped her car,  and offered to help me catch my dog.  I was so touched that she was not annoyed and that she actually wanted to help.  The woman got out of her car and at my instruction,  began calling my dog's name.  I was able to sneak behind my dog and grab her.  My dog was spooked that this stranger was calling her name, so much so, that she wanted me to just pick her up.  I thanked the woman over and over again.  That simple act of kindness might have saved my dog's life!

I shared about Kindness Elves on my facebook fan page a while back.  I said that I was going to share notes for using the elves in the classroom.  I am almost ready to post them and I took photos today.  Follow this blog or my fan page so you can snag the freebie when I post it. 

Here are my favorite kindness pins:

I have a shopping addiction.  I just get a thrill out of buying new pretty things.  I also love getting a deal on something!  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in getting the deal, that I buy something I don't need (to be honest, I really don't NEED half the stuff I buy).  So my solution is don't take the tags off anything until you wear it or use it and tape the receipt to the tag or box.   Then if I have not worn it or used it within two to three weeks, I return it.  When I buy something, I am itching to wear it the next day or week.  

Here are my favorite shopping pins:

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  1. For some reason I got stumped on "H" and never looked back :(
    These were fun to read & I especially appreciate the kindness quotes - thanks! Jen


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