The Week Before Christmas Break - Plans for First Grade

14 December 2014
Thank you all who commented on last week's post!  I appreciate your feedback and I listened.  I will continue to post my visual plans with links.

Are you counting down the days until Christmas break?  I am so excited for TWO weeks off.  Here are my plans for the week (just click to download):

(I am not sure if Deedee is posting her linky, so I just linked to her blog just incase.)

Here are the units I will be utilizing this week:

This is a brand new packet of Hanukkah printables.  It is all print and go.  I plan to use the pages on Monday and Tuesday and whenever a time filler is needed. 

This is another brand new packet!  I had requests for a Christmas version of my Engaging Thanksgiving Centers, so I created these.  I am going to be using these myself this week for literacy centers.  We are going to take this week off from the Words of the Week

Here are the freebies I am using this week:
The kids have JUST LOVED the Kindness Elves.  I have posted our pictures each day on Instagram. I am so proud of my students.  They are really getting it!  

 I was wanting to do a random act of kindness myself.  Then while at the grocery store, the man ahead of me could not afford the $23 for his items.  I handed him $5 and said Merry Christmas.   He was still short, so I took the items he could not afford to pay for and added them to my grocery pile.  It was not a lot, but it made a difference.  It felt amazing to be able to do that for someone.   I am not a religious person,  but I felt like God put me behind him on line because he knew I was looking for an opportunity to be kind. 

I hope you have a great week before Christmas Break!


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