-ing Centers & Visual Plans for the First Week of January

03 January 2015
Are you ready to go back on Monday?   I do miss my class, but it was so nice to be off!  I love "stay-cations." My poor dogs are going to be so sad when I go back. 

I made this -ing literacy center packet to align with my Words of the Week packet.  We are learning about -ing next.  I also added some mini-anchor charts to the center packet about nouns and verbs.  I thought reviewing the -ing chunk would also be a great time to teach a little grammar.   Please, note that in this packet, I do not go into adding another consonant or taking off the vowels when adding  the -ing suffix.  I tried to keep it pretty simple and utilize verbs where you could just add the -ing suffix without fuss. 

Many of you have asked me, from seeing my visual plans, when I teach grammar.  I don't have a formal grammar program or resource book.  I like to tie it into Writer's Workshop and reinforce proper sentence structure and punctuation with my Build a Sentence Centers.   Then after Christmas, I utilize packets I find on TpT to teach parts of speech.   This week, I am utilizing a packet by my friend, Lindsey, The Teacher Wife.  Her stuff is amazing. 

Click any of the images in this post to check out the packets.

Here are my plans for Monday:

I am linking up my plans with Deedee again!

More resources utilized this week:

 I love The Teacher Wife's grammar packets.  This week, I am utilizing her noun packet.    

I hope you have an easy time transitioning back to work.   I know the kids are going to be so sleepy on Monday.  


  1. So envious that you are super prepared, super organized, and super creative!

    1. Thanks you. Though, I still have to make the copies for next week and print and laminate the centers.

  2. I too miss my class, but I do enjoy having the extra time with my boys. I love seeing your visual plans. Good luck Monday!


  3. Love this little -ing pack! I had a hard time finding things to use to teach this earlier this year. I'll have to add this to my wish list! Hope you had a nice break! Can't believe it's back to work tomorrow!

  4. My dogs will also be disappointed when I go back to work tomorrow - they have really enjoyed all the extra time on the couch! It will be good to be back in a routine though! I love how your plans have cute little kid clip art for the specials! This is my first week linking up and my plans aren't nearly as extensive as yours, but I certainly like having everything planned out ahead!
    Thanks for sharing


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