Freebie Links and More for the SDE NJ Kindergarten Conference

24 February 2015
First, let me say that I had the best time ever presenting for SDE in Atlantic City, NJ last week.  I am a Tri-State girl myself!

As promised, here are links to the products I shared during my presentations and a few slides from the presentations.   Just click the images or look below the images for links. 

*Some of the free file links are through GoogleDrive.  If you are unfamiliar with how to download from there, read this post.  You don't need to request access, just the little arrow that points down.
DO NOT request access by putting in your email.  That just goes to spam.  You just need to look for the little arrow pointing down at the top of the page.  You might also see "download now"  or "download anyway," just click on these. 

Some of the resources I shared:

If you did not attend the session, you can get my close reading packet for Bear Snores On here:

These labels are available here. 

I shared a reading test that I had made.  You can click below to download a Word version for you to use to create your own tests. 

This Freebie is by Rachel Lynnette:

Here is my Close Reading Pinterest Board:


Click the image below for more free guided reading planning sheets.

These are freebie in my friend, Janine Every's store:

Here is a freebie from my store:

Other resources and ideas shared:

The reading strategy posters above were made by sending a png image to Costco photo department.  The png's are included in this packet.

I found this idea on Pinterest, I am not sure where the original pin is...but whoever thought of this...genius!  You tape a ribbon in the back of the book and then flip it over and the kids use it as a bookmark.  No more, opening their notebooks to the middle of the book or searching for the right page.

Resources from friends:

Here is a picture of what my students' book baggies look like:
My book baggies are from

Here is a slide from my presentation about center set up. 

I talked about managing behavior using Classroom Dojo.  You can read more about it in this post!

Here some packets that I mentioned in my post.  You can click on the covers to check them out in my TpT store. 




Here are the freebies I mentioned:



My plan book:

For my weekly visual plans, click here!

This idea is from Elizabeth Hall. Click the image to head over to her blog to check it out. 

These are the word wall cards I am currently using on my word wall. 



Great stores to grab clip art from:


Free Fonts:

More Freebies:
If you can think of more acronyms for spelling tricky words, I would love for you to leave them in the comments.

This freebie covers science, Reader's Workshop, and Writer's Workshop:
These labels are available here. 

Here is my Anchor Chart Pinterest Board:

Some of the books/resources I mentioned or had on display:

For a post about my classroom decor, click the image below:

A few of you also asked about making worksheets.  I have a post about getting started on TpT and in that post, I have links for tutorials.

Thanks so much for being a pleasure to present to!  If I am missing a link, leave a comment on this post and I will add it to the post. 

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  1. Hi, Erica, I teach in Canada and would so love to attend one of these conferences you blog about! Such great stuff! Your students are blessed to have a teacher like you!


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