Reading Comprehension Cueing Cards

06 March 2015
This reading comprehension cueing card packet has a multitude of uses! There are 34 comprehension cueing cards, with versions in full page and mini-sized. There are color and B&W versions for each set of cards. The mini-sized work well on a binder ring for at home reading comprehension support. 

I originally created a version of these cards way back in 2008 to help my Autistic students with reading comprehension. I noticed that giving these students a consistent visual cue, helped them with answering comprehension questions.  I also noticed the cards benefited my general education students as well.  In this packet, I have included both recall and higher level thinking comprehension questions. I have also updated the packet to included Close Reading Questions.  

I send a black and white version of the cards home in each students' book baggie.
I found that the mini-comprehension cards increased home support. Parents found it easier to talk to their children about reading. 

The large cards can be used for focus walls, anchor charts, Reader's Workshop, and/or Guided Reading.

Or you may want to make a ring of the mini cards for fast access during Guided Reading or Independent Reading conferences.

I do hope that you check them out!  If you already purchased, you get the update for FREE!  Just redownload.


  1. Hey Erica!
    I really like the idea of sending these home to help the parents. Do you have a blog post about your Book Baggies? I'd like to see how you set those up! I've wishlisted these cards :) Thanks!

    1. No, I don't but that is a good idea! Once I finish updating my guided reading packet, I will write one.

  2. This looks like a great tool that I must get :-) I love the idea about sending it home- thank you for sharing! Lisa


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