Visual Plans for the Week of March 23rd: Bears and Soft C

22 March 2015
I made a little freebie to go with this week's plans.  Just click above to download.   I am going to work on making more interactive notebook flaps to add to my Bears!! packet.

Here are my plans for the week.

I made this Soft C Literacy Center Packet to use this week.  The packet is temporarily listed at $2.50! Snag it now before it goes back up to full price!  Don't you love the cute ring master on the cover Mel made me?   I love Graphics from the Pond.  Mel is seriously so talented.

In other news:
I am making progress with the packing! 

It snowed AGAIN!  What the What?

How cute is my little old man, Niles?!  

Have a great week!


  1. Your plans are awesome! That must take hours and hours to do! It looks like you are ready for the move--when is that? I will think warm spring weather for you!

  2. Love how you do your plans and newsletter. Nicely laid out and easy to read! :)

    Fishing for Education Blog

  3. We teach Soft G and Soft C early in the fall and my students DEFINITELY need a refresher! Good luck with your move - can't wait to see pics! Jen :)


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