Spring Break is Over, Update on Niles, and Plans for April 13th

11 April 2015

Last week was my Spring Break and PTL it was!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my Niles was at the emergency vet for a few days.  He was in congestive heart failure and had fluid in his lungs.  He was stabilized and when my vet was back on Monday, I was able to take him to see her.  It was a fight!  Pet owners, do your research.  The particular emergency vet office I went to wanted to do unnecessary and super expensive testing in addition to the thousands I already spent.  I am grateful for an aunt, who is in the cardiac field and that my dog's own vet was able to back up what my aunt had thought.   I was willing to pay whatever to have my Niles back home, though I did not expect a miracle.  He is 15 years old!  What I wanted was him comfortable and home.  So thank you for all of your kind words (100 comments to be exact).  You are all the best!!  He is home now and on new heart medication and he is stable! It was the hardest few days of my life.  I could not stop crying.  I was scared for my dog, upset with the way the emergency vet was treating me, and I had no idea what to do.  

On top of the Niles drama, I moved out of my house and back in with my parents until my new house is ready.   I did all this while my parents were away on vacation.  Again, this was the toughest week of my life.  I am proud that I made it through it!
Though, I forgot this whole closet full of clothes!  Oops.  Thankfully my tenant is my good friend.  She let me come get them back. 

Here are my plans for the week, just click to download. 

I hope to be back to adding the clickable links next week.  Thanks for your patience!

Here are the packets I am using this week:
My colleague Janine made the packet above and it is perfect for math centers.  I decided my kiddos needed a refresher after a week off and we are having math centers on Monday and Tuesday afternoon in addition to Friday am.  Plus, our robot projects are due next week

Here are my packets that I will be utilizing:


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  1. You are a Wonder Woman! Glad to hear Niles is feeling better. Here's to less stressful times! :)
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Niles! Hopefully the new medication will help him. Good luck on moving into your new home--soon I hope!

  3. So happy you got through the week OK - you were in my prayers - you are inspirational to so many people!

  4. Hope Niles continues to get better. When it rains it pours! Here is hoping next week the sun shines and all gets better!

  5. I'm so glad Niles is doing better and I hope he continues to do even better!

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