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13 May 2015
I was so excited to get this beautiful personal planner in the mail by April McNair {A Modern Teacher}.  It matches my classroom decor beautifully!   This planner has everything in it you could possibly think of and is a nice size.  
I have always typed up my plan book but never my planner.  I like to be able to take a physical planner with me to lunch with me and grade level meetings.  I pencil in dates and events.  The planner has to be durable and CUTE!  These were not an easy combination to find...until I found April's personal planner!   It is just perfect for me.   I also got the Summer To Do List.  I love it!!  Don't you just love polka dots?! 

Do you want to win your very own personal planner?  Of course you do!  You can win by entering the rafflecopter below!  Best of luck to you!

Here are the specs on the personal planner:
• 12 Monthly Calendars August 2015-July 2016 (weeks start on Sunday)
• 2 page spread calendars
• Weekly Calendars August 2015-July 2016
• Colorful laminated tabbed dividers
• Overview of teacher essentials like:
Curriculum overview for the 2015-2016 year for 6 subjects/areas
Admin Info
Substitute Info
Student Birthdays
Parent Contact Info
Class Schedule
a section providing places to write down meeting notes, projects, ideas
* black and white inside pages printed on heavy white
* paper inside pages measure 8x9 1/2,
with coil binding: 9x9 1/2
* about 1" thickness
*bound by copper colored coil binding
*high-gloss sturdy front and back covers


  1. Oh my gosh you are just TOO precious!!! in your room! AH! I am getting all weepy. It matches perfect and you look so so happy! WOW! made my day!! Thank you friend!! xo

  2. That is a good picture of you, especially if it's at the end of a day of teaching! The planner looks amazing, love it!

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  4. this is' an amazing 'article . i wish you're fun with my comment,maybe this blog will be a big blog someday i hope.thank you .

  5. I totally could use this planner! I need to keep track of my life a little more carefully! Love the polka dot theme! :)

  6. I love your blog and I am a faithful follower! I just started up a blog myself (slowly learning the ropes)! Please help me out and become a follower! Any tips/advice would be wonderful!


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