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30 July 2015

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Our Back to School Bash is all kinds of ready for you to ENTER to win! We have EIGHTEEN amazing bash baskets for you to hop around to! At each blog you will find a little bit of info about the prize that you can win, a Rafflecopter to enter, and a button to hop on over to the next blog! While you are hopping around, we would love for your to follow our blogs so that you will always be "in the know" about what's going on!!

Are you ready to see what you win from my basket?  HOW STINKIN' CUTE ARE THESE?  

Bash Basket #6: Three Personalized Door Decor Hangers
and one Happy Birthday Chair Cover
{from JNLsewcute}

I love the personalized door decor from Young Love aDOORable Decor.  Hang one up and are done.  Instant cuteness.   These make great gifts {hint, hint, all you parents out there}. 

How about the Happy Birthday Chair Cover from JNLsewcute?  What a creative way to celebrate a child's special day.  Too cute.  I will be getting two for my own classroom, just in case I have a double birthday!

Here is what I would love for you to do:
Follow Young Love aDOORable Decor on FB:

Follow JNLsewcute on FB:

I would also love for you to check out their shops on Etsy:

 JNLsewcute's shop on Etsy:

That is not all!
The winner of this Bash Basket will also receive a Whisper Phone Select which is perfect for small group reading instruction. 

And we're not done yet. Need some back to school resources? The winner of this basket will receive a link to a folder containing all of these resources below. You can click on any of the covers below to check them out on TPT! 
Image Map

Do you wanna win? Enter right here! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hurry! Hurry! Hop on over to Katie King of Queen of the First Grade Jungle to see what she has in store for you! 

Thanks so much for joining us for our 3rd year of back to school fun! And also a HUGE thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and so supportive of teachers! And you ain't seen nothin' yet! How is that for some grammar? ;) Seriously, the grand prize this year is out of this world! So make sure you check it out on Instagram on August 2nd! 


  1. That cupcake chair cover has to be one of the cutest things ever!! What a smart idea to get 2 for those double birthdays...and I can't forget 1/2 birthdays for those summer kiddos!
    Karen :)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  2. The door hangers are precious!! Love these!

  3. Sooo super cute! I'm Blog Hoppin' but each time I visit the links, copter says to earn bonus points by completing the links above, although I've visited them all. What am I missing? Thanks!

  4. Sooooo cute!!!!! Thank you for all you do! This is so much fun!!!!!!


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