Friday Favorites

24 July 2015
My friends, Abby and Michelle and I are doing posts about our Friday Favorites!  Maybe you caught our posts on Periscope.   You still have time to watch them.  Look for Erica Bohrer and Michelle Oakes. 

Here are my favorites in no particular order!  Click the images to check them out. 
I love my X-Acto paper trimmer so much that I have one for home and school!  I am currently using it to cut up thank you note messages!  Then I glue the messages inside the cards, because I am lazy like that. is just neater and easier. 

I love Kendra Scott jewelry.  The picture above does not even do them justice!  Nordstrom had a big sale and I got the necklace then.  

I am into essential oils and love these travel vials by doTerra.  Peppermint is the best! 

I love my Kindle Paperwhite.  It is light and you can read on the beach with it!  I have had mine for years.  I also like how I can get a book instantly. 

The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists is an essential for any teacher who focuses a lot on phonics.  I use this book instead of "scrabble finder" when I am looking for words to add to my phonics center packets

I love hydrangeas and I love my laptop skin by Clique Shops!  Michelle Hudgens of Smitten with First introduced me to the laptop skins, I think she has {this} one.  I got myself the leopard print one and {this} one for my mom! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to check out Michelle and Abby later for their favorites.  


  1. The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists is one of my favorites! I was introduced to it in grad school- it's an essential for any reading teacher or specialist. I too love essential oils- I've never used the roll ons though. Will have to check them out!

    Real Life in First Grade

    1. Yes, this is my first experience with roll-ons, too. I thought it was very easy to just throw in your purse and go.

  2. I'm a big fan of peppermint in the winter when I have a cold. Have you tried lavender? It is my favorite!!! I have a Balance Blend roll on, and I love it!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

    1. Yes, I love Lavender and Thieves. I am all out of Thieves, it is a Young Living Oil for immune support. Great for the winter and cheaper than Frankincense.

  3. LOVE the colors of your new Kendra Scott!

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