Whole 30 When You Don't Like Cooking

03 January 2016

I have had a few questions from friends and Instagram users about Whole 30.  If you don't know what Whole 30 is, you can check out their website and if you want to start the program yourself, I definitely recommend ordering the book, It Starts with Food.   I am going to start my third round tomorrow and I hate cooking.   I need a sugar detox after the way I ate this holiday season.   

Here are a few tips from a non-cooker that I have learned from my two rounds.

1. Buy the book, It Starts with Food and read it.  It really makes a ton of sense.

2. Invest in some cookbooks.  I like these two: The Whole30 and NomNomPaleo.  I know I said I don't like cooking but new cookbooks help to motivate me.

I also ordered these but have not tried them out yet:

A way to cheat and not cook is to purchase precooked chicken from an organic grocery store.  I then by frozen organic vegetables.  Sometimes I make the chicken into a soup using frozen organic vegetables and organic chicken broth.    Or throw the chicken onto a salad.   

3. Make breakfast in advance.
This is an easy egg bake.  I mix organic eggs, spinach, broccoli, and sugar free bacon together and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.  My friend Maria does a better job explaining how to make it in her blog post, you can check it out {here}.

4.  Have Whole 30 approved snacks on hand.

5.  Replace soda with alternatives:

6.  Organic Tea - I crave something sweet at night and when that happens, I make myself a cup of decaf organic tea.  Totally not the same, but it helps me get through it. 

7.  Prepare and buy some basics.
Most of the items you can find in the organic section of grocery stores.  Here are some links to items you can snag on Amazon.

8.  Keep yourself accountable.  Click below to download for free. 

9.  Follow the rules:

10.  Search hashtags on Instagram! You can find many recipes, tips, and so much more.  #whole30 

I hope these tips help you!  Good luck.

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  1. Your photos have just gotten me so excited because I didn't realise you could buy pre-made Kombucha! I have a recipe to make my own but it sounds a little more complicated than I can be bothered with at the moment.
    I love the "I Quit Sugar: Simplicious" recipe book. It's not entirely Paleo but it mostly fits and has great recipes. Sarah Wilson's instagram or the I Quit Sugar instagram/blog is great too.
    Stars and Wishes


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