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01 March 2016

I am writing this post to tell you about a really cool and easy fundraising program you can do to benefit your school.  The program is called Schoola and it is a hybrid of an ecommerce online thrift store and a fundraising platform for schools to raise money. The company emphasizes saving programs that are often on the cutting block, like art, music, and physical education. Could you imagine how losing these special classes effects students? Are you teaching in a district without these special classes? Luckily for me I have never seen that happen, but my mother, a teacher in my district, remembers a time when she had to teach the specials for her students. It was not fun for her and it was not fun for her students.

My favorite subject in school was always art.  I was a quiet and withdrawn student in elementary school.  I was made fun of for my bucked-teeth and I did everything in my power to literally not open my mouth.  I did not want my peers to see my teeth.  I was a good student but I never participated in class and therefore I did not get the positive reinforcement that I craved.  Art was where I was able to shine.   I would sit quietly and do the art assignment.  My art teacher would always walk over and praise my work without putting me on the spot.  Art class was a place where I felt safe and proud.  I don't think I would have become a teacher without my love of art and my art teachers.  I also think my love of art class helped me towards this path as a teacher-author.  In high school, I studied photography for four years and I even convinced my parents to build me a darkroom for my 15th birthday.   I LOVE creating products for TpT and this blog and I love photographing them.   I think my strong public school foundation in art has definitely benefited me as a teacher-author.

I would not wish any students to miss out on any special classes.   Even though, I am not athletic, I KNOW my students need gym class.   We have the most wonderful gym teachers.  I wish my students could go to gym everyday, especially with the endless streak of indoor recess.  My students need the movement!  All of the special area classes, not just gym or art,  have merit.   It would be a shame for students to be deprived of those experiences.

So why do I Schoola if my students have special classes?   I Schoola for a new playground for my school.   Playgrounds are EXPENSIVE!  Ours is falling apart and has rock gravel around it.   The problem with the rock gravel is that it is not handicap accessible.  We have a student at our school in a wheelchair.  All this child wants is to be able to wheel next to his/her friends while they are on the swings and chat with them.  Instead, this child has to stay on the cement and watch his/her peers play.  My heart breaks for this student.    Our fundraising goal is to get a playground with the rubber matting under it.  Not only is the rubber matting safer than the rocks for all students, but it will be handicap accessible for this particular student and others.   I am hoping with the help of Schoola that we can make this dream a reality.

Can Schoola really help with school funding?  Um...yes!  The Yick Wo Elementary school in CA has earned over $68,000!   I kid you not; check out their Schoola info {here}.

To request a donation bag and help clean out your own closet, click {here}.  I have a ton of clothes I need to donate and this is painless!  It two seconds for me to order a free postage paid bag to benefit my school.  Try and then get other teachers at your school on board.  Share with your PTA!   Start fundraising today!

Schoola is having a campaign using the hashtag #WhyISchoola.  Sign up for Schoola and share on social media.  Schoola will select a minimum of five winners who share the hashtag and send them $50 in Schoola credit to shop!   Here are their links for you to tag Schoola on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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  1. Erica, thanks for sharing your story! We really would love to see your school succeed and raise money for that playground matting. Schoola will keep you updated when you send in your bag.


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