Mother's Day Freebies and More!

28 April 2016

I thought I would take time to put together a post of some of my Mother's Day freebies and more.  As always feel free to pin and click on the images to check out the packets on TpT.

I decided my "Mom, I love you to pieces." card needed a facelift.  I updated it and you can continue to download it for free. 

I also have this handprint card in my store for free:

If you are looking for a gift for your students to make their mother's or special person, check out this brand new packet.

Here is a free Homework Pass but the twist is that is for the mother.  My colleague suggested a few years back that we give moms the week off from H.W. the week before Mother's Day.   We all agreed it was a great idea.  We know how hard it is to get children to do their homework!  I made this little Mother's Day Homework Pass freebie if you would like to join in our tradition. 

Thanks for stopping by!   I hope you find some inspiration for honoring Mother's Day with your students.  

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  1. Hi Erica, I love your Mother's Day Project! I was reaching out to you because I see that you're a NY TpTer =)

    We're hosting our 1st Annual NY/NJ TpT Mini-Meet and I was hoping you might be interested in attending. You can get more info from my blog:

    or just complete this google form:

    Hope to see you there!

    1. Hi, I added you using your email address to the Tri-State Blogger group. You can share about your meet up in there. Thanks for the invite.


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