Back to School Student Gifts {FREEBIES}

16 August 2016

I love giving my students a little something on the first day of first grade.  It gives them something to do while you are greeting students at the door and makes them feel special.  I changed over to suction cup balls last year and they had a blast rolling them on their desks!  I hope you can use these free tags.

They are only $3 at Target!

or you can buy from Amazon:

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More ball options:
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I had found these in 2014 at these prices! It is always a good idea to check the clearance sections of stores:
Michaels - Chevron Bags: clearance for  $0.39
Michaels - Buckets: clearance for $0.39
Target - Dog Erasers clearance 2 for $1
Target - Flashing Ball: clearance for $.70
Target - Clear Bags $2

Click to download the gift tags for free!

A colleague of mine needed the tags for 2nd & 3rd.  So I added these. 

If you cannot find the dog erasers, these would work:
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I hope you can use these tags!  If you already had your first day of first grade, pin for next year.  Follow my Back to School Pinterest board here!


  1. These are super cute!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing them. I'm so happy you made the 3rd grade ones, since that's what I teach. :D


  2. I used the same idea with the balls for Meet the Teacher night, but changed the label to, "Having a "ball" in the first grade hall.


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