Get Organized with Binders

22 August 2016

Binders are an easy way to manage papers.   There are so many different style dividers out that you can organize materials by month, number, the letter of the alphabet and more!   Here are a few binders I have and how I use them.

I keep my plan book in a binder and I create my weekly plans and classroom news in PowerPoint.  You can purchase my templates {HERE}.  The cover shown above is from a separate packet {HERE} but the plan book packet also comes with 2 choices of cover styles. 

Typing a plan book in PowerPoint is a timesaver because you can easily duplicate your slides.  I just duplicate the last week's slides to create my plans for the following week. 

Inside my plan book, I also have plastic pockets by month.  If I am really organized in September, I set these up for the year with my certificates for birthdays and Star of the Week.   Usually, I am just a month ahead, though!   I use monthly divider tabs to keep myself organized.   

Each week I send home a classroom news page.  This then goes ahead of my plans for the week in my binder.   The classroom news template and my guided reading planning page is also included in my Plan Book packet.   

You can find the what you need on for your binder Amazon:

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I keep my plan book perched on a cook book stand that I spray painted.  Check out these stands on Amazon:
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I don't type up my grades but I do type of the students' names.  I keep my grades in a binder on the sheets shown below (included in my plan book packet).

I keep my running records for DEAR Time and Guided Reading in a binder, too.  I use number tab dividers and my students tell me their number (if I forget) and I quickly turn to their page. 

These are also included in my Teacher Plan Book Packet

Here is what I keep in my student information binder.  I divide that binder by number and each student in my class is assigned a number.  These pages are included in my Back to School Organizational Forms and More Packet on TpT.

This year I am going to start keeping track of the positive notes I send home.  I am going to keep this sheet in front of my Student Info Binder and record the date I send a positive note home.  These are all included in my Back to School Organizational Forms and More Packet.

I was inspired by my friend Kate Bing Coners.  She has a packet of just positive communication.  You can check it out {HERE}.

My miscellaneous binder is a life-saver!  I hole punch and stash all those forms or notices that I use all the time or the ones I don't know where to file.   I use alphabet divider tabs for this binder and a table of contents.  These pages are also included in my Back to School Organizational Forms and More Packet and include a PowerPoint version for you to type on!

I always forget my passwords for stuff at school.  This binder has me keep them all in one place!  I file it under "P" for passwords.

Useful things for getting binders started:

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I hope this post inspired you to get organized with binders!


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