Apples Theme in First Grade

20 September 2016

In first grade we are finishing up our apple themed learning.  Here are photos of some of the activities we have done.  I also have a freebie for your at the end of this post!  Click on the photos to check out the packets the activities are from.

We start our learning with an apple schema chart.  The photo above is from last year.  This year has been struggle city for me to remember to take photos!  We started a new reading series (Wonders) and I am still trying to figure out how to fit everything in.  I have more pull-outs and more push-ins than I did last year.  I am barely keeping afloat!  It always seems to settle down about a month after school starts.  Right now we are only two weeks in!

We do this whole class apple labeling activity from my friend, Rachelle, of What the Teacher Wants.

My students then draw their own diagrams in their interactive science notebooks.

We read many different apple themed books (I have the links posted at the end of this post) and then we complete an interactive science notebook activity.

We have an apple taste testing party and then graph our favorite kind of apple.

Our math centers also tie into our apple theme.  Our math program is pretty dry (EngageNY), so I like to supplement with twice weekly math centers.  I am lucky because our AIS Math specialist agrees to push in for these and conduct a guided math lesson with her students. 

Now for the freebie!  Here is a free Apple Themed Cootie Catcher.

Apple themed picture books & resources (affiliate links):

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