Farmhouse Style Classroom Decor

11 September 2016

I have redecorated my classroom and changed over to a farmhouse / fixer upper style theme.  That means lots of burlap and galvanized metal!  I kept my black accents from my polka dot themed room and changed out all my bright bins and bright accents.  I hope you enjoy the change!  I love that when I find something for my home, but I can't quite find a spot for it, I can bring it to school for my classroom.  

*This post contains affiliate links for the hard good items. 

I painted my desk black a few years ago.  It just needed a little bit of touching up for some chips.  

I accented the desk with this garland by Cool As Cam Be.   I told Dana the colors I was looking for and she created this custom garland for me in no time!  You can check out Dana's FB page {HERE} and her Instagram page {HERE}.   Please, tell her I sent you her way!

  1. Sunflowers: Real (from the North Fork of Long Island)
  2. Trays - Target Threshold Section on Clearance
  3. Apple  - Target Dollar Spot
  4. Sharpies - Amazon
  5. Glass Jar - Target
  6. Twine - Amazon
  7. Frame - Michaels
  8. Garland - As Cool As Cam Be

  1. Glass Jar - Target
  2. Sharpies - Amazon
  3. Apple - Target Dollar Spot

  1. Caddy - Amazon
  2. Burlap Ribbon - Hobby Lobby  or Amazon option {HERE}
  3. Farmhouse Table Labels - TpT 

  1. Large Crayons - Amazon
  2. Crayon Caddy - Rustic Roots by Mel (You can message her for a teacher discount, tell her I sent you.)

  1. Supply Caddy - Rustic Roots by Mel (You can message her for a teacher discount.  I don't know if she has anymore of these).   I have also seen them through Decor Steals

  1. Read Letters - Michaels
  2. Lavender - Hobby Lobby
  3. Let Them Be Little Sign - Hobby Lobby
  4. Ruler Ribbon - Michaels
  5. Numbers - TpT 
  6. Mailboxes - Target (I spray painted them black)

  1. Caddy - Amazon
  2. Burlap Ribbon - Hobby Lobby or Amazon option {HERE}
  3. Table Labels - TpT 
  4. Mailboxes - Target (I spray painted them black.)
  5. Student Desk Tags - Free on TpT
  6. Small Galvanized Bins - Walmart

  1. Small Galvanized Bins - Walmart
  2. Library Labels - TpT 
  3. Leveled Library Labels - TpT 
  4. Shelves - Office Closing find. I painted the metal black. 

  1. Chair Pockets - Neat Seats
  2. Caddy - Amazon
  3. Farmhouse Caddy Label - TpT
  4. Lanterns - Amazon
  5. Small Galvanized Bins - Walmart

  1. Lanterns - Amazon
  2. Poms - Hobby Lobby

  1. Farmhouse Alphabet - TpT
  2. Mini Chalkboard - Michaels
  3. Ruler Crate - Michaels
  4. Tin - Dollar Spot at Target
  5. Reading Strategies Posters - TpT
  6. Cube Seats - Past Season Target
  1. Farmhouse Number Posters - TpT
  2. Farmhouse Alphabet Posters - Tpt
  3. Twine - Amazon
  4. Mini-Clothes Pins - Amazon

  1. Stool - Decor Steals (This was something I ordered for my house but did not have a spot for.)
  2. Plastic Drawers - Amazon
  3. Don't Forget to Be Awesome Sign - Homegoods
  4. Labels - TpT 
  1. Large Ruler - Michaels
  2. Labels - TpT 
  3. Black Bulletin Board Paper - Amazon
  4. Ribbon - Amazon

  1. Plastic Bins - Walmart
  2. Farmhouse Labels - TpT 
  3. Farmhouse Color Posters - TpT
  4. Farmhouse Banners - TpT
  5. Black Bulletin Board Paper - Amazon
  6. Burlap Ribbon - Amazon

  1. Farmhouse Birthday Board - TpT
  2. Farmhouse Banners - TpT 
  3. Calendar Labels - TpT 
  4. Black Bulletin Board Paper - Amazon
  5. Burlap Ribbon - Amazon

  1. Door Decor - TpT 
  2. Where We Are Signs - TpT 
  3. Burlap Ribbon - Amazon

  1. Pencil Caddy - Amazon
  2. Labels - TpT (The pencil label for unsharpened in the packet is not a broken pencil but one without a point.) 

  1. Bathroom Pass Labels - TpT 
  2. Sanitizer Bottles - Big Lots

  1. Fans - Hobby Lobby and Party City (Thank you to Katie of Queen of the First Grade Jungle for the inspiration.)
  2. Word Wall Headers - TpT
  3. Farmhouse Banners - TpT 
  4. Pocket Chart - Carson Dellosa
  5. Burlap Bulletin Board Paper - Amazon
  6. Bordette - Amazon
Below is the Word Wall with the words on it. 

  1. Word Wall Bundle

  1. Banner (it was short lived, I messed up the writing on it) - Hobby Lobby
  2. Bins - Amazon
  3. Classroom Jobs - TpT
  4. File Cabinets - Amazon

  1. Clipboards - Amazon
  2. Wood Magazine Rack - HomeGoods
  3. Sign - TpT

  1. Classroom Jobs - TpT
  2. Burlap Banners - Amazon

I hope you enjoyed seeing my classroom makeover!   Here are a few more useful links.  Please, note that this post contains affiliate links.

More Farmhouse Decor Essentials from Amazon (affiliate links):

Items from Target.  I did not use these items but they would be great in a farmhouse style classroom.

I also recommend signing up for EBATES.  I was able to get cash back for shopping online at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target.  Click below to sign up.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Bins from WalMart:

Quick links to my farmhouse decor items:







All of the above packets are included in this packet:

Pinterest Images:





  1. Wow!! I absolutely love your room!! Makes me want to change mine!!! Love! Love! Love!

    1. Thank you ! Yes, change it next year. It feels so calming to me now, when I walk in the room.

  2. It is totally amazing looking!! Just curious, what did you do with all of your old items? I'd like to change it up but really good stuff has all my money LOL

  3. I just love your room but what did you do with all of your old stuff? I'd like to change it up but Really Good Stuff has all of my money LOL


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