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17 January 2017

I don't know what type of winter you have been having but this pretty much sums up the weather here on Long Island:

We did have one snowy weekend and of course the kids were so very excited.   I decided to make them these banners to complete in class.   They are a freebie so, just click to download from TpT.

While the students were making these banners, they were so quiet and engaged.  I was able to set up the centers for the day.  I plan on making banners for every month.  Comment below if you have ideas.   I hung the banners on twine with mini-clothespins.

This week, we started our winter math centers.   We reviewed "Make a Ten to Add," "Number Bonds with Missing Parts," "Take from Ten to Subtract," and  more. 

In science, we are just finishing up our States of Matter Unit.  

Here are some more activities that we will be doing this month:

My kiddos also love these "graphtivities" or "craftivities."  They love to see which choice "won." Since I make a different "graphtivity" for each month, the kids require little teacher support by this time in the year!

This penguin math craftivity is from my Penguin Packet, you can check it out {here} and you can check out a free version of it {here}.

More from my penguin packet:

I added interactive science notebook pages to the Penguin Packet above.  You can also purchase the interactive notebook pages separately in my Penguin Interactive Notebook File.

I just grabbed this book from last year and I LOVE it.  Click {here} to check it out.  It is perfect to use with our States of Matter unit. 

Last year, we did the snowman glyph above from First and Kinder Blue Skies's TpT store.  I paired it with the "Make a Ten to Add" Mugs from my First Grade Winter Math Centers packet to create the display above. 

Of course, no winter theme is complete without winter/snow themed read alouds!

Here are a few more of my favorite winter/snow themed books:

I hope this post gave you some ideas, don't forget, you check out these packets in my TpT store !  I hope you are enjoying your school year. 

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  1. LOVE. So many great ideas!! I'm still dying from that meme about this winter, crazyyyy. This year we've had four two-hour delays and three snow days... and we live in a place that usually sees snow once a year. We've had ice, snow, freezing rain... sheesh will it ever end?!


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