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  1. I had totally forgotten that you are in the New York area. My heart goes out to you during this stressful time. I just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge part of my classroom. As a new, and non-traditional (which means old) teacher, I have found your products to be a valuable part of my center time. The children love the activities and so does my administration. My prayers are with you. Renee C.

  2. Erica --- I'm an educator, teaching 41 years, and now semi-retired. I teach college math part-time, but taught 1st grade through 9th grade (elementary, then middle school + administrator + math coach).
    I volunteer in a relatively disadvantaged elementary school and will be using some of your "freebies" to work with educational challenged 3rd grade children starting this week.
    You are amazing!!! I absolutely love your enthusiasm,your classroom photos, and your personal philosophy. Keep Up the Great Work, and many thanks for all your materials! Kathy Noll

  3. Erica,
    I just purchased your primary word wall words pack. I was wondering if there is a way that I can make the cards larger. As a K5 teacher I need to have the words that are on the word wall large enough to see from most places in the classroom.


    1. You can increase the printing percentage but this will cut off words. If you follow me on fb you can see that I have been creating specific packets called Large Word Wall Words.

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  5. Erica,

    I love you blog and resources you provide to teachers. I have a new project called Aristoddlers where I am trying to teach some cool lessons from Ancient Greece and Rome to children. My first book is Aristoddlers and The Greedy King and I would be happy to send a proof to you or any of your followers. The project is also on Kickstarter at

    Thanks so much

  6. Dear Erica,
    Thank you for your beautiful ideas! Besides other things, I love your chalkboard calender and trying to replicate the whole set up. However, I can't find an actual calender with colored numbers(circles)? Could you help me to find it please?
    Best Regards,
    Ksenia Benz

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  8. Hi there Erica from Australia,i have recently purchased a number of your packagres, they are wonderful. I am having trouble typing into the labels to add my own labels. I looked on the technical advice page and followed the instructions, but when Iattempted to type into it the box just goes blue. very frustrating......can anyone help please. Cheers JAnn Watson


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